Regulations on expiry date of paper invoices
September 28, 2021

1. Regulations on the time limit for compulsory conversion to e-invoicesaccording to Decree 123/2020/ND-CP


Previously, in Decree 119/2018/ND-CP, the mandatory time to usee-invoices was before November 1, 2020. However, in October 2020, theGovernment issued Decree 123/2020/ND-CP stipulating: "The time limit forenterprises to use e-invoices is before July 1, 2022."


However, according to advice from the General Department of Taxation,businesses should use electronic invoices as soon as possible for the followingreasons:


Deploy ahead of time to avoid congestion when many businesses deploy atthe same time

Suppliers will have the time and resources to better support businesses

Maximize advantages and enhance competitiveness

Have time to prepare and perfect the technical infrastructure, integraterelevant systems in the internal process

Minimizing the risk of interruption of production and business activities

Further reference: Points to note in Decree 123/2020/ND-CP


2. Actual implementation of e-invoices in provinces today


According to the report of the General Department of Taxation, there arecurrently 255 enterprises nationwide piloting the application of e-invoiceswith authentication codes of the tax authorities according to Decision No.1209/QD-BTC of the Ministry of Finance and more than 550,000 enterprises.Enterprises apply electronic invoices according to Circular No. 32/2011/TT-BTC


Currently, many provincial Tax Departments have issued official letterson the implementation of e-invoices in 2021 to accelerate the digitaltransformation campaign of traditional working - business models.


3. Provinces urgently deploy e-invoices in the last months of2021


Recently, the General Department of Taxation issued an official dispatchto promote the implementation of e-invoices according to Decree No.123/2020/ND-CP dated October 19, 2020 requiring the following 6 provinces:Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, etc. Ho Chi Minh City, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Phu Thoand Binh Dinh must deploy e-invoices before December 31, 2021


See more: Hanoi is determined to complete the implementation ofe-invoices at businesses in 2021


Immediately after that, the Tax Departments in these six provinces haveall issued official letters urging businesses in the province to urgently learnand deploy e-invoices before December 31, 2021 to achieve the expected effect.ants.


For more reference: Criteria for selection of e-invoice software.




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