Digital Signature
How Digital Signatures Help Businesses During the COVID-19?
September 21, 2021

Digital signature is a tool used by most businesses. During the time ofsocial distancing according to the State's Directive, this tool is beingutilized to the fullest extent and brings a lot of benefits to businesses.


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1. What is a digital signature?


Digital signature (also known as Token) is a form of signature byelectronic method.


According to the Law on Enterprises 2020 and Decree 130/2018/ND-CP,digital signatures are replaceable and have the same legal value as handsignatures and corporate seals.


The digital signature is encrypted and used as a USB connection device.This digital signature is secured by a private PIN provided to the user.


Digital signatures are used very flexibly, mainly in activities such as:


Electronic transactions with state agencies: carrying out administrativeprocedures such as registration of business establishment, addition of businesslines, change of seal, change of legal representative, declaration and paymentof taxes. electronically, declare and pay social insurance, unemploymentinsurance, occupational accident and occupational disease insurance.

Sign electronic contracts with partners

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2. Benefits of using digital signature


Digital signature is a tool with many advantages. During the time ofsocial distancing, many businesses have to work online, using digitalsignatures is a measure of many benefits:


Quick procedure, no need to directly sign: Replace hand signature in allcases of electronic transactions with state agencies: issue e-invoices, submittax reports online or digitally sign documents. documents, paying socialinsurance premiums, signing contracts…

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Saving time, reducing operating and moving costs, businesses do not needto meet each other, minimizing obstacles of geographical distance: According toArticle 35 of the Law on Electronic Transactions 2005, the parties to thetransaction must work together. agreement on the use of digital signatures, thedigital signature will be considered valid

Digital signature ensures data accuracy and security: A digital signatureis evidence for signed electronic transactions and content, the parties have nobasis to deny their signature when they have done the transaction. digitalsign. Thereby, limiting unnecessary disputes between the parties..


3. Instructions for verifying the partner's digital signature


Pursuant to Article 79 of Decree 130/2018/ND-CP, enterprises are obligedto check digital signature information when receiving digitally signed datamessages. Specifically, when receiving a document signed by a partner, theenterprise must check the following information:


The status of the digital certificate, the scope of use, limitation ofliability and the information on the digital certificate of the signer is trueof the partner or not.

Note: A digital certificate is an electronic certificate issued by adigital signature certification service provider. Through the electroniccontract, the enterprise will have to check the partner's digital certificate.


The digital signature must be generated by the private key correspondingto the public key on the signer's digital certificate.

For digital signatures created by foreign digital certificates licensedfor use in Vietnam, the recipient must check the validity of the digitalcertificate on the entire system of the digital signature certification serviceprovider. country and the system of the foreign digital signature certificationservice provider that issues such digital certificate.

Thus, the use of digital signatures is suitable for businesses during thetime of social distancing due to the Covid-19 epidemic.




With more than 24 years of experience in the field of technology andsecurity, CA2 digital signatures are researched and developed by a team ofhighly qualified and experienced personnel. Safety, security, timely supportare always the top criteria to ensure service quality to satisfy users.


Digital signature service for businesses: Used in electronic transactionsto identify the signer's identity, ensure the accuracy and legal validity ofelectronic transactions. Enterprises can easily conduct electronic transactionswith state agencies such as online tax declaration, electronic customsdeclaration, electronic social insurance. Shorten administrative procedureswhile ensuring legal value and high confidentiality.


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Digital signature for individuals: Used to authenticate the identity ofthe signer when participating in online transactions such as personal incometax declaration, internet banking, mobile banking, import and export, securitiestransactions. securities, electronic documents. For the highest level ofsecurity and safety, all transactions that have an impact are signed and storedinformation for non-repudiation purposes as well as regulated and protected bylaw.


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