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Nacencomm Card Technology Joint Stock Company (CA2) - Nacencomm smartcard technology JSC was born in 1996. Head office is at 02 Chua Boc - Hanoi. The beginning was the Center for Technology Application - Nacencomm under the Ministry of Science and Technology. Experiencing many stages in the history of solution research, deployment, and development of PKI smart card technology and digital signature system. Over 24 years of development, with more than 140,000 corporate customers, Nacencomm is currently evaluated. is one of the leading enterprises in building and deploying application software solutions, contributing to the development of information and communication technology of the country. The brand "CA2 - The most popular software" is increasingly close and familiar to all businesses and state agencies across 63 provinces and cities.

Yeasr of Experience
Business Customers
RA/ Retail all over the country
“Golden Products- Vietnam Gold Service 2013”
Certified Digital Signature Service Provider
Award "Vietnam Gold Star" 2014
Award “Asian Brand 2014” Support Service
Golden Key Award 2020
Established Technology Application Center -Nacencomm - Ministry of Science and Technology.
Representing SETEC (Finland) on PKI smart card technology.
Research on system & application of public key technical infrastructure (PKI) for digital signatures of Wiskey (Switzerland) together with Vitranet.
Research PKI solutions and smart card / Token PKI on MS CA and Open CA environment.
Research project on building and testing digital signature technology (CA system for the Ministry of Science and Technology, Internet Public Procurement eProcurement, pilot e-customs).
Retail money card system of Industrial and Commercial Bank uses Proton Word technology (Belgium). Providing a digital signature solution for the project "Supporting the administrative reform program at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development".
Retail money card system of Industrial and Commercial Bank uses Proton Word technology (Belgium). Providing a digital signature solution for the project "Supporting the administrative reform program at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development".
CA system of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (eMOT; ELVIS; eCoSys; Level 4 public service, online certification of chemical declaration). Smart card production line for Elinco - Ministry of Defense (Muhlbauer (Germany). Representing nCipher (UK) for HSM security hardware.)
Implement CA system at State Treasury. Partner of ST Microelectronics (Switzerland), Gemalto (Netherlands), Ingenico (France), Sony Felica (Japan)... specializes in Smartcard, POS.
Equitization under the decision of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Deploying a digital signature authentication system and supporting the integration of digital signatures into the application of the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City.
Advanced Card smart card system for Viet A Bank uses BGS DUET card technology. People's Identity Project of the Ministry of Public Security.
Established NACENCOMM SCT Card Technology Joint Stock Company. Building Qcard payment card system for Retail, Tickets, Fees, Promotions and Internet.
Become a member of Hanoi Electronics Corporation - HANEL. The second unit is licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications to provide CA2 public digital signature authentication service. Providing digital certificates for businesses participating in online tax declaration nationwide, project: "Building an electronic business network for enterprises" - Ministry of Industry and Trade.
Building a nationwide network of CA2 digital certificate service providers. Building Qticket Project, CA2 Self-Printing Invoice Software with digital signature application, CA2 Electronic Invoice Software.
Construction of Lao CA Public Digital Certification Center in Laos Other projects in Laos: Software Park, Lao Army ID.
Implement the hospital fee collection system at Viet Duc Hospital & study to expand Qsmarthealth. Invest in building Qticket bus ticket system (together with HANEL and Transerco).
Joining the Hanoi public transport ticket joint stock company - Transticket JSC to deploy the electronic ticket system for the Hanoi public transport
Deploying testing phase an electronic ticket system on passenger cars for Hoang Long transport enterprise.
Cooperating with Gemalto to implement the VCCS NAPAS project. Building and implementing RFID project for the General Department of Customs at Noi Bai airport. Building a point card system & KOINT application.
Construction and installation of RFID system - Detecting suspicious luggage at Da Nang International Airport for General Department of Customs
Construction and implementation of the Passenger project - Tourism connection platform country